What is Travel Health Insurance?

Travel health insurance is a kind of compulsory and private insurance that protects people against health risks that may develop during their domestic and international travels.

In the event that people experience any unwanted health risks or become ill during the dates specified in the policy, the insured shall be provided with the assurances specified in the policy. Insurance cover for travel abroad starts from the moment when the beneficiary’s passport is detected and goes back to the country after the return.

What services does travel health insurance provide?

In case of sudden discomfort during the travel, the insurer’s hospital, operation, medicine and treatment costs are covered by the insurance company within the limits specified in the policy. In addition, the transfer of the policyholder to the nearest health center, transportation and transport services in the most appropriate way to the patient’s condition after the treatment and transport services of relatives or accompanying persons are among the services provided by the insurance company. If the policyholder dies, the insurance company is obliged to provide the transport of the funeral and the costs incurred.

If I Cancel Travel Health Insurance, Will I Get The Premium Back?

If the person who buys the travel health insurance cannot travel, he / she can cancel his / her insurance by notifying the policy at least 24 hours before the start date of the policy. In this case, the policyholder gets the insurance premium paid back.

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