Travel insurance for USA

Insurance programs for travelers to the United States

Today, the health care system in the United States is one of the best in the world, but also one of the most expensive.

If you have already a visa, it is better to insure in your country before traveling to the United States. The recommended insurance coverage is $ 50,000, but it is better to insure for $ 100,000. It should be understood that the policy covers emergency medical expenses in case of sudden illness or accident. In these cases, insurance will be a good help and will help to avoid unforeseen expenses. It should be remembered that the policy will not cover planned medical activities, childbirth, and treatment of chronic diseases and painful conditions that arose before the trip. Most likely, you will have to pay extra for dental services. For example, emergency dental care services are provided only in cases of acute toothache or natural tooth injury resulting from an accident. The insurance coverage is quite modest, as a rule, no more than $ 100-200.

Why do we need health insurance in the US?

The health care system in the United States is significantly different from many countries. There is no compulsory free medical insurance program, every citizen buys a policy on his own or pays for the services of doctors from his own pocket. At the cost of treatment, the United States is among the five most expensive countries in the world. Even citizens of this country are often unable to receive emergency assistance due to lack of funds. The cost of the minimum insurance for each family member is $ 400-500 per month. Cases of failure to provide medical care in the United States because of its high cost are huge, but they all fit within the law.

So, why foreigners need an insurance for traveling the United States? To objectively answer this question, it is necessary to calculate the financial benefit. For example, calling an ambulance will cost $ 800-1000, one night in the hospital cost up to $ 1000, oral examination-up to $ 80. You will have to pay for each manipulation, even for the measurement of blood pressure. That’s why travel insurance to this country is the first necessity.

Insurance programs for travelers to the USA

S – Classic: Medical insurance for travel to the United States, which includes legal support, solving problems related to the loss or theft of documents, medical transportation, payment for urgent messages, etc.

E – Premium: This insurance option for travel to America is also called “all inclusive”. In addition, it includes Luggage insurance, reimbursement of expenses related to liability to third parties, and a number of other items.

Both travel insurance programs cover the costs associated with major health complaints.

Some people choose to buy insurance for travel to the United States immediately upon arrival in the country but choosing this option, you must take into account a number of risks. First, the document will be written in English only. Secondly, the cost of registration at the airport exceeds several times the price of insurance companies in your country.

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