Travel Insurance Companies

Insurance for travel abroad is required for most visas, as well as for the peace of mind of the traveler. Depending on the services you choose, it can cover doctor calls, hospital treatment, trauma recovery, and more.

This article presents the best 3 travel insurance companies and their services. The basic conditions are taken as a basis, additional opportunities are discussed. The list of the best includes organizations with high ratings and stable forecasts. They are all suitable for visa and travel to most countries in the world.

Top 3 Best Travel Insurance Companies

Basic travel insurance includes only treatment and transportation for a certain amount. It is complemented by the necessary services; support for pregnancy and chronic diseases, riding bikes, active sports and much more. Most companies offer luggage and flight insurance in case of flight delays. All options are added to the main contract.

1. Renaissance

The ranking of the best is Renaissance, which caught our attention with convenient and fast communication with the customers. Only they have the SafeTrip application that allows you to call the operator with one touch. The program knows all the information about the policy and monitors its action. Renaissance insurance is best suited for young people who value a relaxing holiday.

2. Liberty

Liberty is part of the large group Liberty Mutual, operating since 1912.  The company, which owns 8 thousand institutions in many countries, is engaged in customer service abroad. The standard policy covers health insurance (including hospital and home care), emergency dentistry, transportation and repatriation (return of the body to the homeland). The contract includes the payment of the necessary accommodation and the flight of children if parents need to stay for recovery.

3. ERV

A worthy third place was taken by ERV, which is part of the European Travel Insurance Group. The company is the largest European network of insurers. The assistance of Euro-Center Holding with offices in most countries of the world follows travelers. Health insurance ERV distinguishes a decent number of additional services in the standard package. The policy includes emergency care for chronic diseases and allergies, rescue work, treatment of burns, support in case of the natural disaster. The company pays for the return of the tourist home if he was in the hospital and missed the plane.

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