The Best Travel Insurance Companies

Here’s my current list of the best major travel insurance companies, based on reader feedback and the latest consumer surveys…

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance is the largest travel insurance company. It’s owned by Allianz SE, the world’s largest diversified insurance company. Thanks to the scale of its parent company, Allianz can offer better insurance at a lower rate. The company typically works fast on claims and resolves most complaints quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction. Just in case it doesn’t, I publish the names of its customer service executives on my advocacy site.

Jim Angleton, who runs a credit card company in Miami, remembers a recent flight from the Middle East to Miami. With a hurricane bearing down on South Florida, his airline canceled the flight and told him to wait four days. “We ran and got the last four business class tickets on Emirates,” he says. Allianz quickly reimbursed him for the tickets.

“In today’s crazy travel world and climate it is very important — almost a must — to have trip insurance,” he says.

Amex Assurance

Talk about squeaky clean. I’ve received virtually no complaints about Amex Assurance products, which in and of itself is a powerful endorsement. Amex offers all kinds of protection and insurance policies, and you don’t have to be a cardmember to qualify for coverage. If you run into problems, I always publish the Amex executive contacts on my advocacy site, too.

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance’s predecessor, CSA Travel Protection, has long been a recognized name in travel insurance. And Generali’s parent company, The Europ Assistance (EA) Group, has been around since 1963. Generali says its success is “built on the foundation of trust.” Based on the few cases we receive on my consumer advocacy site, they live up to their promises. I’ve had an opportunity to work with Generali on several stories since I published my last list. It has a true customer-centric corporate culture, which is great. (And just in case they forget, here are Generali’s executive contacts.)

Seven Corners

Seven Corners is privately held and headquartered in Carmel, Ind. Blank’s experience, as described earlier in the story, is not unique. This low-key specialty benefit management company specializes in doing business with agencies of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and corporations. Their cases tend to get resolved quickly and with a minimum of publicity. Here are the Seven Corners executive contacts, in the unlikely case you’re the exception to the rule.

Travel Guard

If you’ve never heard of Travel Guard, you probably know AIG, its parent company. Like the other insurance companies on this list, it has a sterling reputation for delivering insurance coverage to travelers. I’ve had several dealings with Travel Guard since I published my last list of insurance companies. Travel Guard processed its claims quickly and followed up to make sure the customer was happy. I’m impressed by their professional attitude and have absolutely no reservations about recommending a Travel Guard policy. Here are the Travel Guard executive contacts.


Travelex is owned by Cover-More Group, one of Australia’s largest insurance providers. I can count on one hand the number of Travelex cases we get. The company offers solid coverage and processes claims quickly. A vast majority of its customers are pleased with their travel insurance policies, which is as much as anyone could expect. Here are the Travelex executive contacts.

Christine Dailey, who works for a construction company in Los Altos, Calif., reported her positive experience with Travelex. She’d purchased coverage for a three-week European cruise.

“I had a fall on Portuguese cobblestones during a shore excursion and fractured a finger,” she says. “Incurred $910 in medical treatment by the ship’s doctor.”

At home, her health insurance covered her medical care. But not abroad. Travelex didn’t harass her with a lot of paperwork requirements for her claim. “I received payment in full within three weeks,” she says.

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