Privacy Policy

As, we respect your privacy and do our best to ensure this during your time on our website. Some important declarations for the security of your personal data are described below and presented for your information.
Routine information gathering: All websites record simple information about their visitors. This information is recorded for statistical purposes. Your IP address consists of standard information such as your Internet service provider, the functions of your browser, the operating system and the login / logout pages. This information does not put any visitor personally in the position of any particular person and is recorded for routine administration and maintenance.
Cookies and web beacons:
Some applications used on store user settings and web log information using cookies in order to provide user-specific content and / or better serve the user if necessary.
In addition, advertising partners and third-party applications can store user information via cookies, web beacons or scripts in order to provide useful information and display advertisements. In this case, advertising services and third-party applications store user information on their servers and their own privacy policies apply.
Data protection control: If you have any doubts about the collection of user information, we would like to remind you that you have the option to deactivate cookies in your browser settings. However, we do not recommend turning off cookies for all websites as this can confuse some of the websites you use. We recommend making site-specific adjustments. You can look in the documentation of your browser for information on website-specific blocking of cookies. You can also find useful information in the web browser's data protection management lists. All data transactions in the infrastructure are encrypted using SSL technology. Despite these efforts, it should be remembered that the nature of the Internet environment means that complete security cannot be achieved.