Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy carefully to learn what information we collect and how we use it.

This privacy policy explains what data we collect and why and how we use it.

Our site serious about your privacy, so be sure to read our rules.

The privacy policy regulates the legal relationships to dry and process your personal data and aims to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the human and the citizen.

The user, without limiting the storage and duration of his personal data, permits all personal data to be processed according to the purpose of the transactions, and acknowledges that his personal or descriptive information is defined and approved and joint companies can be stored and processed.

The visitor guarantees the accuracy of the personal data provided and that the personal data belongs to him.

What information types collected?

Personal data: It is information or a collection of information about a visitor that is identified or can be specifically identified. By filling in the application forms in our partners, you provide your name (optional surname), mobile phone number, the city in which you live, e-mail address (optional), the object of insurance.

Impersonal personal data: This data, which is impossible to identify the identity of the visitor. This data includes data about the use of various services and work with them, not tied to a specific person, data of a technical nature collected by means of “cookies” or other technologies of analysis (IP-addresses, browser used, monitor resolution, operating system, the address from which the visitor came). Such data are not used to access your personal information and are used by our site for collecting comprehensive usage statistics visitors.