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Registration of insurance on motorcycles in recent years is associated with difficulties. Owners of such vehicles are faced with situations where insurance companies directly refuse to sell policies, citing unreasonable reasons. In such cases, the owner of the motorcycle has the right to apply to the appropriate authorities to protect their rights and for this; you can use motorcycle insurance online quote resources.

Reasons for refusal of motorcycle insurance

According to the information on the activities of insurance companies that provide services for registration of insurance policies organizations do not make restrictions on the types of vehicles, as this option would be contrary to the law. In practice, some owners of vehicles, including motorcycles, face refusal.

Such refusals are not direct many companies either intentionally delay the process of insurance registration, or use the maximum possible time for motorcycle owners to contact other organizations.

The reason for such actions is quite simple; it is simply unprofitable for insurance companies to issue such insurance. This is due to the fact that motorcyclists belong to the category of drivers who often get into accidents, especially in large settlements. As a result; a fairly high percentage of requests for payments, which ultimately is unprofitable for insurers and sometimes, leads to their loss.

Is it necessary to have insurance for a motorcyclist?

In accordance with the existing traffic regulations and the current edition of the law on insurance, the owners of vehicles that operate should have the insurance policy. The absence of such a policy is a direct violation, and motorcyclists in such a situation are no exception.

If at a stop of the vehicle and check of documents it becomes clear that the driver has no insurance or it is overdue, it can become the reason of accountability and impose of the obligation of payment of the penalty which size will make to 200 dollars.

At the same time it does not matter where the motorcyclist carried out the management of the vehicle: whether it is a regular route, village road, path in any situation, the operation of the motorcycle requires an insurance policy.

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