Motorcycle Insurance Average Cost

Determining the motorcycle insurance average cost is not an easy task. So many variables in determining value are difficult to determine that you can look at the total cost. Which motorcycle you insure, which lighting you choose, your driving record and your age are just some of the variables that take into account the cost of your insurance.

Drivers over 25 years old with a good driving record are usually entitled to good prices. Combine these factors with liability coverage and a touring bike, and you’re looking at $ 200-200 a year for motorcycle insurance.

Add physical damage to a motorcycle policy can have a big impact on the premium of the policy. The type of motorcycle can also make a huge difference. Often people require full coverage; have a higher valued bike to insure. Plan to add a few hundred dollars a year to your policy premium to add full coverage to your policy, pushing the average cost up to $ 400 to $ 800 a year.

Increasing your deductible and waiving additional insurance coverage will reduce the total cost. The more expensive your bike, the more often it insures. Security features and anti-theft devices do affect the cost.

Motorcycle riders need to be responsible and careful while behind the wheel and a bad driving record is bad for your potential for a future claim. The extent to which your record is bad will certainly affect your total cost. It would probably be better to get a few quotes to determine the rate for your specific situation.

Young riders are always attracted to fast sports bikes, especially because they are often sold at a relatively low price. What they don’t consider is the cost of insurance of such a bike. A young rider combined with full coverage and a sports bike can cause the average cost of motorcycle insurance to easily exceed the $ 1,000 mark, with some exceeding $ 3,000 per year depending on other circumstances.

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