best motorcycle insurances

If you are going to drive with your motorbike in public transport, it is required, according to law, that you have motor insurance. Most people, however, choose to swerve half or full insurance to get the best motorcycle insurances cover.

Therefore, when choosing insurance for the motorcycle, you need to take a position on what level you want to insure it on. In addition, you should also review whether you need supplementary insurance and compare insurance companies based on prices, compensation levels, and content.

Different levels of MC insurance

Motorcycle insurance can be signed at several different levels. Traffic insurance is the cheapest but does not provide financial protection for their own motorcycle. With half-or full insurance, a broader insurance cover is provided and, in addition to that, there is also the choice to supplement with additional insurance. During the time you have your motorcycle canceled; cancellation insurance can be an option.

Motorcycle insurance

If you intend to drive in traffic, by law you are forced to have motor insurance. If you run without this insurance, the traffic Insurance Association will claim penalties. To go uninsured is therefore not an option. If you choose to only take out motor insurance, it means that compensation is provided only for personal injury and damage caused to the property of fellow road users. Thus, you cannot receive any compensation for damage to your own motorcycle.


With a half-insurance, you get wider financial protection both for yourself and for the vehicle. The insurance components that apply to you as an owner are as follows:

Legal protection-if a legal dispute arises around the motorcycle (for example, when selling or buying), the insurance can reimburse legal costs.

Emergency help after an accident, there may be a need to talk to a psychologist or therapist. The most common is that the insurance company pays up to 10 visits if they consider that you have this need.

Salvage means that you will be reimbursed to tow the motorcycle to the nearest workshop if you become standing due to an accident or engine failure. This insurance component is sometimes called assistance or rescue.

The insurance parts that apply to your motorcycle are as follows:

Fire-should you get damage to your motorcycle due to fire or explosions, compensation may be paid out.

Glass-Glass damage to, for example, the windshield or wind deflector can be replaced. A common injury is stone shoots.

Theft-compensation is provided if the motorcycle is stolen. The same if fixed parts get stolen. Often compensation is also provided if damage occurred to the motorcycle in case of theft.

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