No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Life insurance options that do not require medical examination.

Without a health check, life insurance is becoming more practical every year. So, why? Because the medical story data is stored for several years and is used by insurance companies. Now you can buy standard life insurance that assesses your risk factors using only your databases and the answers you give to online questions. Instead of spending time with the doctor’s examination, you can get insurance quickly.

Life insurance without a medical examination

Exams and a waste of time! This is replaced by online algorithms based on frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes painful medical procedures, answers to health-related questions, and information from various databases and other sources.

The main reason for these new and fast procedures is that some people are concerned about medical examination, and life insurance companies are well aware that collecting and selling less is better than no sales.

Easier, but not cheaper

These new methods have significantly improved life insurance security, but the system is still not perfect. In most cases, although the transaction does not cost additional vendors, you will have to pay more for the convenience of the online application.

But this situation of competition is changing rapidly. If you have no idea about your medical condition since you haven’t seen your doctor for several years, you need insurance quickly or if you just don’t like to have the pressure, online insurance without examination may be the most attractive option for you.

No exam life insurances

Pricing can be complicated

In the general market, data-driven policies are cheaper for companies, especially compared to the cost of medical analysis, which is more than $ 150. This should make the system we are talking about cheaper, but unfortunately, it is not.

Some insurance companies believe that having little information about the client puts them at greater risk, and therefore they are paid more than exam-based policies.

To help mitigate all these risks, insurance companies often offer restrictive conditions for people who can buy insurance online. Conditions may include age (most companies limit those over the age of 45) and basic health issues.

The main advantage of non-exam based life insurance is the lack of medical examination, speed, and comfort of the procedure. At the same time, the cost is reduced and this is an attractive offer for everyone. As with all insurance products, you should examine more than one company and compare it for service and cost.

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