Insurance for Older People

Today, when such a popular healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, surgery for the benefit of beauty, it is difficult to define an older person.

The aging process in each person is individual. The number of years lived does not yet determine the degree of old age. Someone in 70 years is in good health and a clear mind, and someone in 50 years cannot boast of it.

It is important to understand that older people are an age group that has specific characteristics, needs, interests and value orientations.

However, referring to the current legislation, pensioners include persons who have reached the retirement age; women 55 years, men 60 years.

Background to the insurance

Recently, the term “third age” has become relevant in Western countries, in other words, this is the most active period of a person’s life, which begins with retirement. It is at this time that people travel the most, visit exhibitions and concerts held in other cities and even countries, acquire Hobbies and new interests.

Although a young person can usually skip accidents with bruises or abrasions, the elderly can be seriously injured in these situations, which can lead to serious life and disability.

Possible risks arising during the trip

Insurance for older people

One of the key points in the insurance contract for the elderly is the risk that your insurance policy will cover the costs of first aid (in this case, the costs of transport, ambulance or medical aircraft, depending on where the insured will be at the time of deterioration of health).

As practice shows, the main risk is associated with increased invasiveness of the elderly insured.

The price of the insurance policy and the factors affecting

To date, not all insurance companies accept customers over 65 years of age for health insurance when traveling abroad. Issuance of this policy is very risky for the insurer, as this procedure has a stable relationship with the high risks associated with the health of the insured person.

In fact, the insurance of the elderly when going abroad is health insurance. However, health insurance in most agencies is considered a mandatory type of insurance when buying a tour and is several times cheaper.

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