Auto insurance is an important purchase, but finding a policy and insurer to suit your needs isn’t always easy. Here you’ll find what you need to know about buying a Texas auto insurance policy — including how much coverage is required, what your policy will pay for and where to find cheap car insurance in Texas.

Cheapest for good drivers in Texas

The cheapest insurers and average rates for Texans with clean driving records and good credit are:

  1. Texas Farm Bureau: $1,041 per year.
  2. Geico: $1,207 per year.
  3. Republic Group: $1,351 per year.
  4. Auto Club of SoCal: $1,478 per year.
  5. State Farm: $1,610 per year.

Drivers with no recent accidents or violations can get cheaper car insurance rates for having good credit. For this calculation, NerdWallet averaged rates for 40-year-old men and women with a clean driving record and good credit. In terms of driving and credit history, a large portion of drivers are closest to this profile, which carries standard “full coverage” insurance, including comprehensive and collision, along with state-required coverage. Prices shown include a good driver discount, when available from the insurer.

Cheapest for minimum coverage in Texas

For Texas drivers buying minimum coverage, the cheapest companies and their average rates are:

  1. Texas Farm Bureau: $441 per year.
  2. Geico: $559 per year.
  3. Auto Club of SoCal: $638 per year.
  4. State Farm: $754 per year.
  5. Republic Group: $858 per year.

We calculated these numbers by averaging rates for 40-year-old good drivers (earning them a discount if the insurer offers one) who have only the minimum mandatory insurance in their state. Such light coverage isn’t typically recommended since it might not cover all the bills resulting from a car accident, but it’s better than nothing — especially if you can’t afford much more. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible insurance you can get, though, you’ll still want to get car insurance quotes from at least three auto insurers.

Cheapest for good drivers with poor credit

For drivers in Texas with poor credit, the cheapest auto insurance companies and their average rates are:

  1. Texas Farm Bureau: $1,976 per year.
  2. Geico: $2,392 per year.
  3. Auto Club of SoCal: $2,405 per year.
  4. Republic Group: $2,410 per year.
  5. Nationwide: $2,647 per year.

If you have a spotty credit history, it’s important to shop around to find the cheapest auto insurance rates you can. Poor credit can have a bigger effect on car insurance premiums than even a DUI conviction or a recent at-fault crash, but prices vary by insurer. To calculate these figures, NerdWallet averaged rates for 40-year-olds with a clean driving record and associated good driver discount, if the insurer offered one. They had poor credit as reported to their insurer, and standard “full coverage” car insurance.

Cheapest for drivers with one at-fault crash

These are the cheapest insurers for Texas drivers with a recent accident, along with their average rates:

  1. Texas Farm Bureau: $1,210 per year.
  2. Republic Group: $1,351 per year.
  3. Geico: $1,917 per year.
  4. State Farm: $2,140 per year.
  5. Auto Club of SoCal: $2,310 per year.

After a relatively minor crash, some auto insurers will charge a lot more than others for coverage. To get these figures, we averaged rates for 40-year-olds with typical “full coverage” insurance and one recent at-fault crash costing $10,000 in property damage. Your rates will remain high for three to five years after you cause an accident or have a moving violation — and you still may be rejected for coverage from certain companies, including those above. If you fall into this category, be sure to shop for new insurance rates just after the three-year and five-year anniversaries of your infraction.