Best Home Insurance Programs

Insure your home at an affordable price with the best home insurance programs.

Home insurance is voluntary and is not mandatory. And, in fact, this process is just gaining momentum, being almost in its infancy. If we compare with European countries, where 80-90% of the population simply do not represent a situation where their housing would not be insured (as well as other aspects of life, such as health, life), only 5-7% of people enjoy insurance protection of their homes. However, many home insurance progressive companies develop and offer a variety of programs related to home and property insurance.

Object of insurance

To insure a house, apartment, any property can be, from anything; from fire, lightning, water damage, sewerage systems and firefighting, from leaks from the roof, from robbery and theft, from the risk of using household appliances, from the explosion of domestic or main gas, natural disasters and even such very exotic risks as the fall of meteorites. And it can also be a civil liability in the operation of housing by the owners of the apartment.

At the same time, you need to understand that you will not be able to insure against everything at once. But having carefully studied the list of risks offered in standard policies, it is possible to supplement and adjust it.

Housing insurance programs

Best home insurances

Home insurance progressive is presented on the market in the form of classic products and in the form of box programs in which for each object are selected individually sets of risks. For owners of standard real estate; cottages, apartments of the middle class, inexpensive cottages, according to experts, box programs in which conditions, insurance sums, and risks are already in advance defined are well suited. Depending on the specific situation, a ready-made box is selected.

This insurance program in many ways is convenient for the client:

  • Low cost
  • Pre-determined (fixed) amounts of compensation available to choose from
  • No need to pre-describe the property
  • The ability to issue insurance on the insurer’s website online.

At the same time, when choosing a product, of course, you need to take into account the risks that are covered by this product. For example, in the “box” options are not absent such an option as apartment insurance against leaks through the roof of a multi-story building (relevant for residents of the last floors).

The contract of insurance of the apartment

The classical insurance program is a no less popular option. Its advantages are better service and wider coverage. The cost of the policy in classical insurance is always calculated individually and is determined by the number of included objects of insurance and depends on the amount of insurance coverage. At the same time, the inventory of property and its preliminary assessment is carried out.

Additional options are provided to the policyholder when issuing the policy. This is the payment of hotel expenses for the period of restoration of housing affected by the insured event, compensation for damages from rent, the ability to insure the valuable property, non-residential area, self-propelled machines, and elements of landscape design.

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