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The national Rating Agency (NRA) presented the reliability rating of insurance companies based on the results of activities for the first half of the year. The study was of remote nature. In other words, the data for the analysis were provided by insurance health companies themselves in the form of questionnaires and financial reporting forms.

To begin with, let us recall the method of assigning a remote rating. In such specific research period of time are evaluated, first of all, financial, not qualitative, indicators of the company, according to a press release issued today by the NRA. The rating is published quarterly.

According to the results of work for the first half of the year in the category of very high reliability include the following companies; AIG, AXA, United Health Group (UNH), ING Group, and MetLife.

According to the study, during the period under review, insurance health companies were able to collect premiums by 27.8% more than in the same period last year. The most popular type of insurance (guess three times) is compulsory health insurance (CHI). Its share in the total structure of the collected premiums is 31.6%. Among the voluntary types of insurance is the palm of superiority in property insurance (35% of collected contributions).

Life insurance is the least popular among citizens. The number of fees in this area is only 3.7% of the total number of fees. However, this type of insurance has grown at a frantic pace for six months, the service wanted to use 51% more people than in the same period last year. This interest is explained by the demand for mortgage and consumer loans, the mandatory condition of which is life insurance.

Insurance on the Advice of Friends

Rating indicators are great food for the mind of potential clients of insurance companies. After all, it is in the ratings you can get information about the degree of reliability of the company. However, surprisingly, our citizens, that is, we have more confidence in other sources. This was confirmed by the specialists of the research company, which recently organized a survey. It turned out that most often some people listen to the advice of friends, acquaintances, colleagues about the choice of an insurance company (37%). Another crucial effect of the advertising of a company.

And only 10% of respondents study ratings not to make the wrong choice.

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