Most Preferred Car Insurance Companies

Most Preferred Car Insurance Companies

Most Preferred Car Insurance Companies and insurance package options

Choosing an insurance company for car insurance is an important and responsible event, which cannot be approached unprepared. In addition, it is a difficult task, because judging by the feedback from customers to find in the market car insurance companies that can help in solving the problems is difficult.

To facilitate the search for a worthy insurance company for our readers, we have created our own rating; it takes into account the current data of the three largest rating agencies.

1. Liberty Insurance

The amount of authorized capital is $7.000.000 the offices of the insurance company can be found in many countries. Owns 24 licenses for various types of insurance activities, since 2012 is part of the international conglomerate “Liberty Mutual”. For the first quarter of 2018, 20 thousand insurance cases were settled, 393 of them were denied payment.

2. Ergo

The authorized capital of the company is 717 million; representative offices are located in almost all countries of the world. The insurance company took seventh place in the rating of motor transport insurance (green card program). Provides services in the market for more than 25 years, the company is also part of the international group “Munich Re Group”. At the beginning of 2018, it settled about 8 thousand insurance situations; the number of failures is minimum 440.

3. AIG

The authorized capital as of May 25, 2018, is 480 million. It is an international company serving customers in various parts of the world; its services are used in 102 countries. At the beginning of the year 1901 serves the insurance contract, refusals on payments for this period is not fixed.

The main criterion of choice is the financial reliability and stability of the insurance agency. Do not be lazy and find some data on the authorized capital and the period of activity of the company in the market; the more they are, the better. Also, at the conclusion of the contract, specify all possible nuances, and it is desirable to do it with several different employees.

If you have any disputes in the contract or car insurance companies delay the timing of payments, accelerate the solution of problematic situations by using a number of online portals. Employees of the insurance companies Department assess the quality of them regularly checked and, wherever possible, try to help their clients.

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