Car insurance is a statutory requirement for your car to be used in traffic. This makes it unique because other insurance policies are optional. The statutory part of the insurance rates by car is called motor insurance, and it can also be supplemented with full insurance or semi-insurance.

We help you compare car insurance from different insurance companies and provide you with information about how you can think when you sign a car insurance policy.

How much does car insurance cost?

The price of car insurance is on average 160 dollars a year, or 13 dollars a month. But the price varies greatly depending on your age, your car and your place of residence. Compare car insurance free of charge in the form above to see what the insurance companies have to offer just you.

There are many factors that influence what price you will get on your car insurance. Some factors that affect the price are: Which car brand you are driving, where you live and how old you are. There are often things that are difficult to influence, but there are several things you can do to push the price.

What is included in the auto insurance?

You can take out three different levels of car insurance; motor insurance, semi-insurance or full insurance. The three levels are there to insure different things, which mean that the content differs quite a lot between them. But the Three Insurance levels are also based on each other. If you choose semi-insurance, then a motor insurance policy is included, and if you choose a full insurance policy, then protection from both semi and motor insurance is included.

In short, traffic insurance is provided to protect you and other persons as well as their property and vehicles damaged in a traffic accident in which you are responsible. The semi-insurance is provided to protect you, your passengers and your car (except for squad damage) in the event of accidents, breakdowns and unexpected AR. Full insurance provides comprehensive protection for any damage that occurs on your car, provided that you have not caused them on purpose. Finally, additional insurance is also added, which can supplement the car insurance if you need additional protection, for example for car rental.

You can get more information about different insurance levels.

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